Balanced approach for personal growth

I combine several modalities into my work. My emphasis is on teaching you self-healing tools that you can use in your day-to-day life to make lasting positive shifts for yourself.

Depth Hypnosis:

This specific type of hypnosis is a highly effective therapeutic modality that combines elements of Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, Transpersonal Psychology and Buddhism.

Energy Medicine:

Energetic healing work addresses imbalances in the mind and body. By learning simple techniques to manage your energy, you can improve your health, heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual Counseling:

Get in touch with your inner voice to view and make changes in your life from a spiritual perspective. I will help you turn life's hurdles into valuable spiritual growth.

Regression Therapy:

This is a client-centered approach that focuses on the origin of a person's problems. Regression therapy includes resolution of trauma from birth, infancy, fetal memories, past lives, or childhood. By going back and healing past pains one can remove the influence of that past trauma from current behavior.

quote markBeth Osmer is awesome. She is easy to trust, thoughtful, and possesses insightful perspectives. I found that in her presence I was able to part with some troublesome baggage and came away feeling that much of my anxiety had passed. I would recommend her to anyone.quote mark
- Brian J., Sausalito, CA