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We are in a global breakdown. And YOU are being called to RISE and help birth the expansive global breakthrough that is on the other side.

Welcome to your invitation to join me on an incredibly important Masterclass on Sacred Leadership.

Spiritual leaders are on the rise.

Leadership comes in many different forms, all of which are important and powerful.

However, the key to all leadership, regardless of how it shows up or what it looks like, is that it is necessary to embody Leadership in our everyday lives in order for us to shift the new reality that is emerging right now.

As a spiritual leader, you are being called:

If you are an energy worker, light warrior, star seed, a pioneer, an intuitive, an artist, a parent, an entrepreneur, a seer, a truth seeker, a therapist, and a leader on the rise, then this class is for you.

During this masterclass you will learn…

Join me on July 14th
9:00am PST – 11:00am Pacific

We are the leaders on the rise.
Let’s birth this new reality together.

“When I first closed my eyes before Beth began the meditation, I saw an eye with a paint palette. Yep, I will be drawing that. The cave was jade colored. My Spiritual Warrior was a gingko leaf that arrived on a whirlwind. I commit to bringing my gifts to the world and knowing that my gifts are valuable.”

Anonymous Attendee
“I love everything about your retreat and I spend many hours listening and working with all the inspiration I get – I am so thankful to you and all the beautiful women who share their wisdom so generously. Thank you.”

Anonymous Attendee
“My experience of Beth Osmer has been truly amazing and continues to be a positive part of my life. Through her supportive counsel, I have been able to overcome issues that had been holding me back from achieving peace and balance in my life. The ability to understand, process and release negative energy has contributed to my overall growth and a steady connection to inner strength.”