Beth Osmer

The price of ignoring intuition

What are TWO reasons we often IGNORE our intuitive voice?

  1. Lack of feeling courageous
  2. Attachment to the person, thing, idea, workplace, etc…

In the video below, I tell you two short stories where I ignored my intuition and it cost me a LOT of $…

And the other time it affected another life. ☹️ (still hurts my heart)

You will also hear ways YOU can honor your intuition, and become more confident and self-trusting as a result!


I’m hosting a free two-day event where you will learn to access, honor, and activate your intuition so that you never second guess yourself again!

Your time is valuable… that I know. Trust me, this is an event that will enhance your life and your relationship to yourself, I hope you create the time to come!

There is SO much I want to teach you during these two days that it will blow your mind!  (in a good way!)