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Beth Osmer has lived many lifetimes as a healer, intuitive, and a seer. She was born into a deep initiatory process with a dysfunctional family and experienced deep loss by losing both of her parents by age 5.  She learned through deep work, exploration, and self-love to find a path of profound and potent healing that she now shares with others. 

Beth received a degree in Psychology and Child Development and then went on to study Depth Hypnosis with Dr. Isa Gucciardi.  This is where Beth began her journey with hypnosis, Shamanism, Buddhism, energy work, parts integration, regression therapy, and meditation.

She then went on to study with teachers in other Shamanic practices.  She received a certificate with Jnana Gowen, who is trained by Don Oscar Miro-Quesada Soleveno a leader in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, which is a cross cultural shamanic teaching.  Beth also has training in Reiki, light work, and trans-personal psychology. 

In addition, Beth is a transformational Leadership Captain, evoking LEADERS and POWER in people;  supporting around the globe to have individuals step into their highest self and authentic leadership.

She has worked for over 15 years sharing, healing, evoking, and teaching people to leave their past wounds behind, to be powerful in their present and step into the possibility in their future.



increased insight

I immediately had increased insight, relief, and understanding of the direction I needed to go after our first session.” A.T.
I’ve recommended her to every friend seeking personal growth and healing, so I recommend her highly here as well.” J.N.
“If you are feeling ‘stuck’ as I did when I origionally sought out depth hypnosis, I encourage you to call Beth today.” M.R.

...feel alive again.

” Beth was my hypnotherapist when I lived in San Francisco and I started seeing her after a tough relationship and death of my best friend. She was so kind, gentle and really got me to feel better about what was going on in my life. Her therapy helped me immensely and I credit her for, in many ways, helping me feel alive again. I’m now married and love the life I’m living, all thanks to her. For that I am sure.” A.G.

Beth can light your way.

I have to admit I was initially skeptical when I learned what Depth Hypnosis was and how our sessions would be conducted, but I’m happy to report that Beth made me a believer.   I think there is clear and real value in this modality.  In our sessions, I learned how to better support myself, keep better boundaries and call upon other energetic forces to help me when I’m feeling overwhelmed or depleted.

If you are open to new paths to healing, Beth can light your way.” D.B

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