4 hour deep dive private session

With this immersive 4-hour session we will release any wounds, traumas, and negative beliefs that are keeping your from your authentic power.  By returning home to your power you will begin to use your voice and stand in the truth of who you truly are.

We will be using tools from Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Energy Medicine, and Mediation to create deep healing.  This session is a dance between releasing what is no longer serving you and standing fully in your power.

When we are in our power, we are in our possibility.  When we are in possibility, we lead a joyful and meaningful life.

This session includes 30 days of on-line support to follow to allow for integration.

3 month spiritual warrior immersion program

Support you in unleashing your gifts and your inner warrior so you can live the life your soul was meant to live on this earth

  • Give you mindset tools to be in “control” of your reality so you no longer have to live a life of disempowerment or “smallness” in ANY areas of your life
  • Teach you how to become the conductor of your own beautiful life symphony, so that you create your reality in ways that serve you.
  • Teach you to release anything that is holding your back from your power, your intuitive gifts, your creative genius, and your spiritual leadership
  • Give you a toolbox full of invaluable skills that will allow you to live a grounded and free life

During our experience together you will…..

  • Understand how to Interact deeply with your guides in an organizedway
  • Learn the Shamanic Journey which is an ancient meditation using the drum
  • Uncover limiting beliefs, patterns, traumas, or wounds or holding you back from your power
  • Begin to heal anything that is keeping you stuck from living into full possibility
  • Get to intimately know and honor all of your gifts so that you can share them with yourself and the world

Learn how to ignite your intuition and live an intuitively guided life through meditation and guidance from spirit.


“Beth attracts amazing women, brought together by her powerful leadership and clarity in who she is here to support and grow. “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” This was experienced within our Spirit Warrior circle, as our “introverted warriors” slowly revealed the powerhouses within. Beth provided a safe and encouraging space, allowed for deep exploration by each member, and created valuable resources and tools for us to work independently (or with our partner in the group) as we grew within and alongside our circle. I am so grateful for each of the powerful women called to our circle and truly inspired by the growth I witnessed both in them, and myself, over our months together. Thank you Beth for creating such a space.” D.B.

“Recently, I participated in a meditation group run by Beth. Even though I had reservations about joining because I have historically found myself to be “invisible” in groups, I pushed past those doubts and trusted in the potential the experience could offer. The group Beth put together was filled with some of the most extraordinary women I have ever met. The meditations, exploration of subjects and sharing within the group were deep and insightful. Every week left me feeling strong, inspired, supported – I was no longer invisible. The connections I forged with these women have shaped my thoughts and expanded my spiritual understanding in an incredibly positive way. I am so grateful to know them, appreciate our similarities and cherish the beauty of our connected differences. This would not have been possible without the insight of Beth. Her guidance and care were the foundation of this wonderful experience. Thank you, Beth, for all that you do.” D.L.


7-month spiritual warrior immersion program

Spiritual Warrior Trainings: This sacred training calls on those that are ready for a journey of profound spiritual awakening. This training is designed for those that want to step into Spiritual

Leadership, confidence, knowledge, intuition, cultivate past and present life wisdom AND join a tribe of people who are dedicated to up-leveling in all areas of life. Here are tools you will embody during and after the training…

  • Liberation from fear – A warrior feels fear but does not let fear control them.
  • Service to the world, especially during this current global shift
  • Shine inner light to the world and focus on peace, love, and joy.
  • No longer allow limiting beliefs to slow your true path.
  • Know you are at choice, every moment.
  • Connect with higher consciousness.
  • Experience deep connection with Source.
  • Create a powerful relationship to oneself.
  • Live with discipline.
  • Powerful connection with your spirit guides
  • Know what it means to be in a tribe of unconditional love
  • You will own your power and your light
  • You will wake up from illusions that bind you
  • Expansion into JOY
  • Surrender to your own personal guidance system regardless of external circumstances
  • Manifesting abundance
  • Be in command of your reality through conscious thought and intention
  • Spark your connection to the guides and learn how to communicate with them through
  • specific questions and intention
  • Deprogram old, generational limiting self-thoughts and patterns that holds
  • Here is the sacred schedule of our 7 months together for the Spirit Warrior Training.
  • Warrior Meetings: The group meets in virtual sacred circle three times a month, for 75
  • Warrior Oracle: One hour long deep-dive session per month with Beth to integrate the
  • Warrior Learning: Homework to continue development and Spiritual Growth.
  • Warrior Council: A 3-hour virtual retreat with your fellow warriors.
  • Warrior Gathering : A live 3-day retreat to be in sacred circle with your spiritual tribe.

After 7 months you will know WHO you truly are
Your heart will know true freedom.

You will see and feel tangible shifts in your life.

The most important relationship we have, is the relationship we have with ourselves


“Working with Beth in the Spiritual Warrior group has brought many gifts into my life. Learning to journey, meeting several of my guides in different realms, and building trust in my vision and abilities. I am truly changed thanks to our committed practice and focused intentions. Beth guided us through a series of methods and provided ample opportunity for sharing our discoveries to deepen the learning. The teachings were both practical and tangible. I am so grateful for all I experienced within the powerful space Beth held for us.” D.B.

“I have been blessed to have participated with an amazing group of Spiritual warriors over the past Seven months. With the incredible support and guidance of Beth Osmer, I have journeyed into the inner realms of self-discovery and embraced my own personal inner spiritual warrior. The overwhelming love and support has empowered me to know the truth within and, that is the power of Eternal Oneness and of Unconditional Love. I am forever grateful for the Spiritual Warrior Initiative program. Thank you Beth Osmer for all that you have to offer and for standing Strong in your light.” J.C.



The Spiritual Warrior On-Line Show


The Spiritual Warrior brings together more than 20 speakers and authors in the fields of transformation, leadership, Shamanism, Spirituality, Intuition, and energy medicine.

The speakers share wisdom, stories, and expertise to amplify healing and wisdom which offer an amazing opportunity to learn and embrace more inner power.

What the world needs right now, is the Spiritual Warriors to step up and OUT.
Get this for your digital library for on-going inspiration and support.

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spiritual warrior On-line show

Each month I host a powerful gathering of spiritual leaders to connect on spiritually related topics to support the collective in their journey.


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A Spiritual Warrior is a person who strives and longs for spiritual realization, so they can support others in doing the same.  A Spiritual Warrior does the deep inner work to shift their own reality and create a reality of personal responsibility, love, and generosity to the world around them.

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that is found all over the world.  Shamanic practices are accessible and adaptable to many different cultures.   It is not a formalized system of beliefs, it is a practice that connects one to nature and the spirit world.  Shamanism is a profound and deep practice that is available to expand and heal body, mind, and, spirit.

Spirit guides are beings in higher states of consciousness that are compassionate and come from the highest resonance of love and light. Guides are there to support us in navigating the material and spiritual realms.  EVERY person has guides, and EVERY person has the ability to connect and form deep relationships with their guides.

We all have an initiation into life…our childhood.  Some initiations are more challenging than others, however each initiation is potent and rich with wisdom.   A spiritual warrior realizes their own wisdom and has the courage to embody it.  A spiritual warrior is generous and does the deep inner work to awaken to his or her power!  You are probably a warrior if you are even reading this question.  Welcome Warrior!!!

own your power