Healings Offered

I offer a balanced approach for healing and growth. As a holistic healer for the last 10 years, I honor each person’s experience and hold a very supportive, safe, and transformative space. I draw from many different healing practices; Shamanism, energy work, guided meditation, and hypnotherapy. Each session is intuitively tailored to meet you where you are. We will work as a team to bring you toward an empowered and peaceful place.

A session may involve…


Hypnotherapy helps you move out of the thinking mind to access the subconscious.

The subconscious is the part of the mind where are a lot of habits and behaviors are formed and maintained.

A “state of hypnosis” is a meditative state where you can access deeper parts of yourself so that deep healing can happen.

Regression Therapy

This is a client-centered approach that focuses on the origin of your trauma or wound by going back to the time of the problem. This is achieved through meditation or hypnotherapy. Regression therapy includes resolution of trauma from birth, infancy, fetal memories, past lives, childhood, or a painful adult memory. By going back and healing past pains, you can remove the influence of that past trauma from your current experience.

Energy Work

We are all energy. Whether you realize it or not, you are picking up on energy all of the time from people, places, nature, the city, and so on. Energetic work helps to heal the imbalances in the body and spirit.

By learning simple techniques to manage your energy, you can improve your health and increase your state of well-being.


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition. The teachings of Shamanism focus on our connection to spirit and to our own innate power. In sessions, we will draw of some of the powerful healings Shamans have been teaching for many years. Some of these healings include working with the drum through Shamanic journeying, soul retrievals, work with spirit guides, and connecting you to your authentic power.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation is a powerful and relaxing way to access deep healing within the self. Meditation can reduce and remove stress and replace it with a deep sense of inner peace. It is an amazing tool to help bring in balance and a state of well-being. Guided meditation will take you on a journey that will lead you to a place of healing. Each meditation is designed to meet you where you are. Guided meditation has the ability to deliver positive messages and imagery to the deeper self. Guided meditation has been validated by research that it has a positive impact on health, wellness, and the relationship to the self.


“Beth was my hypnotherapist when I lived in San Francisco and I started seeing her after the death of my best friend and the end of a relationship. She was kind, gentle, and really got me to feel better about what was going on in my life. Her therapy helped me immensely and I credit her in many ways for helping me feel alive again. I’m now married and love the life I am living, all thanks to her. For that I am sure.”