Meet Your Power Animal

Cultivate your power and connect with Helping Spirits

You are invited to join us for a 4-week course, where you will meet and cultivate a deep relationship with your Power Animal Spirit Guide.


During this 4-week journey workshop, you will learn the Shamanic Journey and will be shown how to meet your Power Animal, ask questions and develop a deep relationship with your guide.

We will meet every Tuesday from February 9th to March 2nd at 11 am PT. 

Let’s start 2021 with connection to spirit

I don’t want you to miss this opportunity! This is a powerful way to start the year.

Let’s Do This

During this 4-week course, you will…

  • Learn the Shamanic Journey, which is an ancient active meditation using the drum
  • You will learn how to find and communicate with your Power Animal to create deep shifts in your internal and external worlds
  • Learn how YOU communicate with the unseen worlds, which will strengthen your self-esteem and relationship with yourself
  • Learn where you are holding personal power in your life and where you are giving it away so that you can create a more consistent relationship with your personal power
  • Learn how to bring the unseen spirits into your day to day life to create connection, courage, and possibility
  • Strengthen your intuition through the relationship you cultivate with your guide
  • Learn to trust your abilities to communicate with compassionate beings in the unseen world.

The Journey Work creates…

  • Courage in people
  • Tribe and community with others
  • Personal power
  • Sparking inner wisdom
  • The ability to spark and follow your personal path
  • Trust in yourself, your path, and the world

Don’t miss your chance to get in at this reduced price!

Price is normally $497.00 but right now, we are offering it for $197.00 (save $300!)

The first 5 people to sign up will receive a free 40 minute intuitive reading with Beth! (valued at $175.00)