3 Hour FREE Livestream Event with 6 Powerful Leaders in the fields of meditation, energy, Shamanism, and transformation

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During the event we are going to explore…

Meet our Guest Experts…

Coach Linda Berger is owner of Business Women Warriors and Akashic Record Business Coaching.

She shares with business owners the Soul knowledge, that. “Every business picks its owner because its success is guaranteed by the totality of who they are and will be!”

She uses her super-power of strategic- business coaching with the power of the Soul of the Business’s Akashic Records to clear any blocks in the Owner’s belief’s systems, past lives and/or karma limiting the success of the business. She is also the creator of her proprietary programs 90 Day Business Women Warriors Challenges.

Linda’s unique talent translates the woowoo into practical strategic planning in marketing, sales, and growth with tools to create a thriving business. This powerful combination of Soul information and practical applications gives you the freedom to make a difference and allow the business to uphold its contracts in the world it was created to do.

​Linda shares: Your business is meant to be very successful. My question to you is: Are you allowing it to be all it was created to be? Or, are you letting your stuff get in the way of its success?

Anna guides spiritual women entrepreneurs in creating success in alignment with their highest purpose and divine prosperity.

After creating “traditional success” in life and having it “disappear” for the 3rd time, Anna decided to put all her focus and energy into discovering, and living her soul purpose, co-creating her success with the Source. Along the way she immersed herself in numerous spiritual, metaphysical, mind, and body modalities, bringing it all together to guide women into living their Sacred Success, aligned with their unique soul purpose and claiming their Divine prosperity.

Anna is devoted to creating a world of harmony, unity, purpose, and prosperity, within and without, for all of life through new earth leaders.

Dr. Peace Uche is doc.PEACE, a Doctor of Pharmacy, Transformational Rhythmic Speaker, Empowerment Guru and Radio Show Personality who has guided hundreds of individuals in creating a life they deserve and desire by owning their innate gifts & talents and pursuing their passions.

Get it going: doc.PEACE’s mission is to support other wellness professionals in further leveraging their creativity and expertise so that they too can have powerful soul-driven impact through these five GOLDen principles: Calibration, Creation, Connection, Community, and Collaboration.

doc.PEACE envisions a world of unity and seeks to accomplish this vision by helping others shine their light. Her steadfast motto is “Together we thrive”. Connect with doc.PEACE via her IG @doc.PEACE and grab doses of inspiration to empower confidence and get it going towards individual soul purpose at bit.ly/joindocpeace

Wendy is a Human Potential Wizard. Tell her your dreams and she’ll hold you to them! One of her many gifts is eliminating what stands in the way between you, the programs etched into your brain, and your God-given ability to channel your soul and instantly manifest in this 3D realm using the multidimensional 5D or fifth dimension.

With a background in Human Development, Leadership Coaching, Deep State Theta Meditation, QHT (Quantum Hypnosis Therapy, EIP (Energetic Interference Patterning) of DNA, Energy Medicine, Access Consciousness, Yuen Method, and Business, You wouldn’t be surprised to know that she had, what she calls an enlightenment experience and WOKE to know the holographic multi-verse in ONENESS.

The divine gift that was delivered to her in an instant allowed her to see, read and transmute mind frequencies that are held in the brain and used against you, wreaking havoc everywhere you look. What she does with that discovery is nothing short of a modern-day miracle, or instant manifestation. All “things” reside in 5D (and beyond) and must reflect in the 3D. What are you waiting for? Let’s go… It all comes down to Channeling Your Soul!

Kimberly is a bit of a Rebel when it comes to labels.

She is a Revolutionary. For those who desire to know who and what she has studied and more importantly Why, here is the short list: Her ultimate desire to inspire a Revolution of Evolution. She has an innate curiosity to understand life’s big questions. This has inspired her lifelong quest to discover and deeply understand who we are. What is our purpose? How do we live it and most importantly how do we end suffering and create love and peace on earth?

Kimberly is a Certified Dream Coach, Astro-Numerologist, Co-Inspired the movie Beyond the Secret and Co-Creator of the House of Iris Radio Program: A Blend of Health, Spirituality and Conscious Living. She has dedicated her life to the study of the human psyche, neuroscience, quantum physics and holistic healing modalities.

Kimberly facilitates the awakening and activation of your sacred soul blueprint so that you may embody your natural gifts and talents, and become the human you were uniquely designed to Be. Thereby empowering you to create the life you’ve only dared to imagine in the quiet places of your heart, until NOW!

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“When I first closed my eyes before Beth began the meditation, I saw an eye with a paint palette. Yep, I will be drawing that. The cave was jade colored. My Spiritual Warrior was a gingko leaf that arrived on a whirlwind. I commit to bringing my gifts to the world and knowing that my gifts are valuable.”

Anonymous Attendee
“I love everything about your retreat and I spend many hours listening and working with all the inspiration I get – I am so thankful to you and all the beautiful women who share their wisdom so generously. Thank you.”

Anonymous Attendee
“My experience of Beth Osmer has been truly amazing and continues to be a positive part of my life. Through her supportive counsel, I have been able to overcome issues that had been holding me back from achieving peace and balance in my life. The ability to understand, process and release negative energy has contributed to my overall growth and a steady connection to inner strength.”