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Join in the powerful live discussion with 4 amazing leaders in the field of energy, intuition, and transformation!

We are going to talk about ways to…

  • Ignite your intuition so that your heart and truth will guide you
  • Stand in your brilliance and create transformation and magic in your life
  • Expand your energy so that you are capable of creating more abundance in all areas of your life
  • Develop your multidimensional super powers
  • Manage your mind so that you can become an organized and focused intuitive

“When I first closed my eyes before Beth began the meditation, I saw an eye with a paint palette. Yep, I will be drawing that. The cave was jade colored. My Spiritual Warrior was a gingko leaf that arrived on a whirlwind. I commit to bringing my gifts to the world and knowing that my gifts are valuable.”

Anonymous Attendee
“I love everything about your retreat and I spend many hours listening and working with all the inspiration I get – I am so thankful to you and all the beautiful women who share their wisdom so generously. Thank you.”

Anonymous Attendee

Meet our Guest Experts…

Alexis is the founder of Artist Ascension Academy and Art Medicine, LLC.

She a visionary artist and creativity mentor. She is also a shamanic practitioner and healer practicing for over 15 years. She has a BA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State, and studied painting and drawing at the Art Academy and Center for Creative Exploration- both schools are in San Francisco. 

She received her Shamanic and hypnotherapy certifications at Foundation of the Sacred Stream in Berkeley and ran a thriving Depth Hypnosis practice for 10 years. Depth Hypnosis is a healing modality that combines Shamanism, Transpersonal Psychology, hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhist Psychology. She also supported 300 new souls entering the world during her decade-long career as a birth doula!

In 1996, Aaron experienced what he refers to as his “awakening” inside the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

For over 25 years Aaron has been coaching, teaching, writing and facilitating individuals in realizing their creative visions, leadership and connection to their Higher Self. Being a serial entrepreneur himself, Aaron has mastered reaching the mountaintop of spiritual awakening and the valley below through his multi-million dollar business ventures that were congruent to his spiritual values.

Aaron brings his powerful teachings and facilitation to entrepreneurs, visionaries and executives, leaders from all over the world.

Aaron’s upcoming book is titled “Be the WAYVE” Soul Technology to Activate Soul Purpose. Aaron has worked with and shared the stage with Marianne Williamson Barbara Marx Hubbard and Michael Beckwith.

As an Author, Speaker and Coach for more than 24 years, I have been helping women transform their lives by embodying their true self-worth, transcending gender bias and leading from their authentic power.

Women working with me shed their self-doubt, imposter syndrome,  people pleasing tendencies and learn to trust their instincts so they can have the success and impact they were born to have. 

I authored the book, From Profit to Power: Your Guide to Claiming YOUR Worth, Fall in Love…with your Self hypnotic journey CD and the countless weekend workshops including Mind Magic and Self-Love: How to Get There from Here

“My experience of Beth Osmer has been truly amazing and continues to be a positive part of my life. Through her supportive counsel, I have been able to overcome issues that had been holding me back from achieving peace and balance in my life. The ability to understand, process and release negative energy has contributed to my overall growth and a steady connection to inner strength.”