Beth Osmer

Law of Attraction, Does It Work?

I have been longing for something “else” since I was very little. I grew up in a trailer park, most of the time, and I lost both of my parents by the time I was five.

My dad killed himself when I was five years old. He was working at a slaughterhouse at that time. This gives you an idea of how poor we were. My mom was gone, and my dad was raising four kids alone.

After my dad died, I was sent to one abusive house after another. I was an orphan.

Guess what started to happen? I started longing, longing for something different, all of the time.

I longed for parents, clothes (at one point I only had one pair of underwear), I longed for a new home, and I longed for love.

Cut to today. I still long. It is a habit.

And it keeps me stuck.

Someone asked me the other day, “but aren’t you “manifesting,” not longing.”

I am not. The difference between manifesting energy and longing is an element of jealousy. The energy of longing has a sadness to it, similar to an “I will never have THAT,” kind of energy.

Honestly, for me, it has a hint of victim energy to it as well.

In the video below, I talk about the difference between “manifesting to create the life you desire and longing.”

Let’s move out of longing and into creating.

Let’s move into abundance and love.