Have you heard that phrase we are co-creators in the Universe? This idea tells us that we are all “responsible” for the suffering, the joy, the pain, and the abundance in the world. In the video below, I go into this concept more. 


I am celebrating being sober from alcohol for 20 years this January!! Isn’t that amazing?! It got me thinking… about sobriety and addiction. Sobriety is not just about being sober from drugs and alcohol. There are other ways to disconnect from ourselves. As we move into 2022, I invite you to think about what it …

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There are many tools in the spiritual world that are designed to get you closer to Spirit.  I will name a few…. Crystals, oracle cards, wands, staffs, and pendulums.  Now here is a question for you… Are pendulums safe to use? In the video below, I talk about using a pendulum and the possible “danger” …

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I keep losing stuff!

Have you ever had one of those days where you dropped things, lost things, forgot appointments, or tripped? Well, I just had one of those weeks! I was kind of a hot mess!  In the video below, I talk about ways to ground your energy during our most ungrounded times.

Can i be honest with you

I am moving to another state in 2 weeks! Holy Sage, my stuff has been stirred up! Like seriously…. Unearthed… I share more in the video below.  May my experience support you in your experiences. J