Octopus Spirit Medicine

Spirit Guides often offer a special type of medicine to people. I have noticed that certain spirit guides show up at different times for the collective, depending on the medicine that is needed. Currently, I am seeing Octopus medicine show up! So fascinating as a guide that is revealing itself to support us as we move into …

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ARE You In Intuition Or Fear?

How do you know when you have an intuitive hit about something?When do you know you are telling yourself a story out of fear or false beliefs?How do you tell the difference between a “story” based on perception or authentic intuition? Intuitive Mastery is about distinguishing between telling “stories” about a person or a situation and …

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My Messy Open Heart

One of my teachers often tells me, “Be in your open broken heart.” We have all had our hearts broken on some level throughout our lifetime. It is what we do with that heartache that dictates how we show up in relationships and in the world. In the video below, I talk about the value of an open …

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