Beth Osmer

What Is Psychic Ignorance?

The time for psychic ignorance is over.  

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is, humans are incredibly intuitive.

We have been using our intuition since the moment we were born into this world. We feel deeply and are actually telepathic. Much of our intuitive powers have been dumbed down by tech, media, oppression, and suppression. 

Historically mystery schools, witches, psychics, and mystics have been shut down from sharing and practicing their gifts in the world. 

It has never been safer to be a lightworker and intuitive.  In fact, lightworkers are being called forward by spirit to share and step into their gifts.

It is time for YOU to ignite your intuition and allow your inner guidance to navigate you. Intuition is an intelligence that is sacred, personal, and can create real change in the world.  When people shine their psychic gifts, it reminds us who we truly are.

When we follow and listen to intuition we begin to uncover TRUTH and LEAD the WAY to EMPOWERMENT.

Enjoy the video below…I talk about stepping into psychic power.