Beth Osmer

Tips On Releasing Fear Programming

I was thinking yesterday how much we have been programmed to FEAR from the moment we are conceived.

From the beginning of time humans have lived in a fight or flight. Here is the thing… there are real things to be scared of. If a lion is chasing you, you want to RUN!

That is a real thing to be scared of, you want to FLEE from that lion.

If someone is hurting you physically, you will want to fight back.

That is a real thing, that you will want to FIGHT.

Now… cut to all the other things we are programmed to fear… well, there are too many to list.

Fear is often made up, and has us living in a “what if…”energetic frequency.

• What if I get sick?

• What if my child gets taken? (this is one of mine)

• What if the plane crashes?

• What if there is fire?

• What if that spider bites me?

• What if…

When we live in the what IS, when we live in the present, we live in our power.

The Pleidians always say “our power ends where our fear begins.”

In the video below, I go into ways to release the fear programming so you can return fully to your personal power.

In power and love,