Beth Osmer

The Wounded Healer?

What is a Wounded Healer? It’s a term that gets tossed around a lot!

Nobody goes through life in a perfect bubble with no turbulence or suffering. A Wounded Healer draws their wisdom from their past experiences and in turn, offers knowledge and resources to those currently needing hope and guidance.

It is a powerful title and for a long time, I embraced being the “Wounded Healer”. I looked at my past, acknowledged my suffering, and chose to bring positivity and light into the world.

But now that my wounds have scarred over, I found that being the “Wounded Healer” was limiting me. I have journeyed far beyond who I once was yet the reminder that I was “wounded” continued to follow me.

By embracing this label, we are inadvertently sticking ourselves into a cycle of suffering once more. Watch the video below for how I embraced, then denounced this term for myself.

So…what if we go beyond our wounds?

What if we decide to be the JOYFUL Healers? Or the EMPOWERED Leader? To give our gifts, love, and light to others without breaking yourself down again and again.

For years now, I have been choosing to own my freedom away from my past suffering and not letting “wounded” defy who I am now as a person.

So, I ask you, is this term serving you? Or is it holding you back from your growth?

Sending you extra love today,