Beth Osmer

Let’s Meditate Together!


We are here. We are in the great changeover. The great shift is here.

We are in alchemical times. We are in powerful times. We are also in uncertain times.

Every human on the planet knows of the virus and we are all feeling the collective fear.

We are in the new “normal.” Our bodies, minds, and souls are working on over-drive to simply adjust.

Meditation and connecting with spirit, is medicine to anxiety, fear, and stagnant energy.

I am inviting you to join me for a group mediation and teaching every Thursday at noon pacific.

Each meditation and teaching will be designed and channeled to meet YOUR emotional and spiritual needs.

We will be in a group and the power of group meditation is incredible! We will be meditating for ourselves…. And we will be mediating for the earth and our human tribe.

We are being called to come together in Sacred meditation.

We are the one tribe of Gaia.

Join every Thursday at noon pacific to meditate with a collective group of intentional beings.

This is a donation-based service. Donations start at $20.00

Your one-time donation will get you access to the 3 meditations.

Click on the link below to PayPal once you redeem, you will be sent an invitation to join us by zoom.

This will be done as a “classroom” style. You will not be on video; however, you will be able to participate through the chat.

I look forward to all of us being together in sacred meditation.




Come and join us! Let’s raise the vibrations together.

Click here to join the meditation.