Beth Osmer

How Does Anger Hold You Back?

I have experience in getting incredibly frustrated and angry when things do not turn out the way that I had planned or expected.

For example, an issue arose with my most recent travel plans. While flying to Arizona recently, the airline that I was traveling on threw an unexpected wrench into the gears of my trip. The whole situation was out of my control and at no fault of my own. These stressful situations have a history of getting me to alleviate my anger in unhealthy ways to myself and those around me.

When the airlines and booking agents caused problems with my flights, I masked my anger while remaining collected, calm, and grateful for their efforts in trying to get me back on my way to Arizona. Can you guess what happened when I remained calm and used my anger to my advantage? Everything began to work itself out. I ended up in a semi-private jet making its way from Oakland, CA to my destination of Phoenix, AZ.

If I had unleashed my anger and unloaded it on to the airline staff, or tried to place blame on them, it is likely that they would have made the minimal amount of effort to help me get out of the situation that the airline had put me in and I would be stuck in my rut of anger, and not on my way to Arizona.

When we get mad, we have every right to be angry but do not have the right to treat others with disrespect or hostility because of the way that we feel. Anger exists to give your body a way to let you know that you may be being taken advantage of, or that your boundaries have been broken.

What matters most is how we respond to the anger that presents itself inside of us. There is a way to utilize anger as a weapon against others, and there is also a way to use it to set boundaries for yourself

You can take your anger out on others, or you can come at it yourself with fierce love. I have been thinking about anger for a while and how people use it. There are ways that anger can be dangerous and counter-productive to issues that arise in your life. When you have the ability to harness your anger and use it to set boundaries for yourself while remaining calm, the outcome has a higher chance of being in your favor. It also creates a more pleasant experience for the other person that has the chance of being on the receiving end of your anger.

If you have been faced with issues such as being mistreated, or looked down upon, as long as you remain calm and harness your anger for the best, you can stand up for yourself without weaponizing your anger.
May you always treat yourself with deep love and respect.




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