Let’s Meditate Together!

We are here. We are in the great changeover. The great shift is here. We are in alchemical times. We are in powerful times. We are also in uncertain times. Every human on the planet knows of the virus and we are all feeling the collective fear. We are in the new “normal.” Our bodies, […]

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Become Free from Your Expectations

There are times in our lives where we expect something to play out in our favor or expect certain things to happen. These expectations can sometimes dictate our moods and our reactions to the way that some things turn out. When we have high expectations, we want something to happen so badly or want something […]

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The Power of Intention

What is the Power of Intention? The power of intention is the power of a focused mind. Have you ever wanted something more than anything? So badly you were willing to go to the ends of the earth to make it happen or get it the thing you wanted? I know that I have. That […]

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Your Past: Does it Influence Today?

Have you ever felt that maybe your past was sticking with you and influencing some of the decisions that you make today? Maybe you believe that your past is responsible for the pathways that you decided to take today? Many believe that the past shows itself in your present only to affect the direction that […]

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Energetic Interference: Are You on The Right Path?

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is working against you? Maybe you feel like the universe is trying to tell you that you are on the wrong path and that you need to stop what you are doing. What many people say is the universe working against them, is actually Energetic Interference. […]

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Shamanic Power Retrieval

What is Power Loss? Power Loss occurs when you lose your personal power. Personal Power is the internal confidence that allows you influence and control the different aspects of your life. You can tell that you have lost your personal power when you start to feel a lack of energy, feeling mentally and physically unbalanced, […]

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The Power of Transforming Your Perceptions

Perceptions are powerful things that vary from person to person. Everyone has different perceptions of the world, themselves, and the people around them. Knowing how your perceptions are affecting your mindset and daily life can have a large impact on your happiness. What Are Perceptions? Many view perceptions as a physical sense of how we […]

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happiness; joy; healing

What is the Difference Between Happiness and Joy?

Do you consider yourself a happy person, or a person with joy? Maybe you don’t even consider that there’s a difference between the two. When being asked if there is a difference between happiness and joy, the short answer is yes. These two terms are often used interchangeably because both are emotions where a person […]

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Moving forward

The Secret about Secrets

What is a secret? We all have secrets. A secret is something that you intend to hide, either from one or many different people. On average, everyone keeps about 13 secrets every day. Out of those only eight have been shared. Whether it’s an embarrassing story from your childhood, a racy incident in your college […]

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negative self-belief

How to recognize negative self-beliefs in your life

What are negative self-beliefs? Negative self-beliefs are lies that we believe about ourselves that impact our opinion, our attitude of ourselves, and the world around us. These feelings are incredibly harmful, and a lot of people function daily without realizing how damaging their thoughts are. How do I know if I have negative self-beliefs? Do […]

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