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Debbie Carlson

Beth is a powerful teacher who provides tools and insights that help each person in her class. She holds space for each person to explore ways to self-empower, self-love, and self-care, while also connecting with a compassionate community. After seven months in the Spiritual Warrior class, I feel so much more curious, capable, and courageous in every part of my life. Beth is an amazing and generous guide, and I’m so grateful for her work!

Debbie C

Jennifer Lewy

Beth’s 7-month Spiritual Warrior experience was phenomenal. It was the perfect blend of group support, individual coaching, and one-on-one connection with another class member. As a down to earth person, I learned so much about my spiritual power and how to access spiritual guidance so I can move forward with confidence. Don’t hesitate to join Beth if you have an inkling that there is something you are meant to accomplish if only you had the courage. While taking this class, I finished my first novel and am pivoting to a career that is aligned with my purpose. I am deeply grateful to Beth and her spiritual guides for sharing a range of tools and practices we can use for a lifetime as we become the best version of ourselves and create the impact we want in our careers, relationships, and communities.

Jennifer Lewy

Debbie Carlson

I am a graduate of Beth’s 7 month Spiritual Warrior program. If you are considering joining-please DO NOT hesitate-Say YES! Say YES to YOURSELF! I’ve taken many programs, classes and seminars over the years and this one has been LIFE CHANGING!! I’m always in my head-0ver analyzing and worrying. This was the first time I’d ever “journeyed” and experienced playing in my imagination, tapping into my intuition and getting in touch with my many guides. These experiences were PURE JOY for me. My journey were MAGICAL! Each gathering, Beth beautifully opens the circle with a guided imagery, connecting us to ourselves, our guides, our warrior sisters and the universe. Beth spoke of the different characteristics of being a spiritual warrior and offered an opportunity for us to explore that quality in our lives. We even created a project designed to infuse our spiritual warrior energy out into the world. Beth is a gifted healer and generously shares herself and her shamanic practices. Because of this program I feel a deeper connection with myself and have a renewed love for life and for my life!   

Anna Stava

The most important relationship we have, is the relationship we have with ourselves.

Spiritual Warrior Trainings: This sacred training calls on those that are ready for a journey of profound spiritual awakening.  This training is designed for those that want to step into Spiritual Leadership, confidence, knowledge, intuition, cultivate past and present life wisdom AND join a tribe of people who are dedicated to up-leveling in all areas of life.

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