Beth Osmer

Babies playing football

What happens to a child who is programmed to be everything the parents want them to be?

What happens when the people that raise us have decided who and what we will become in life?

People love to ask kids the question… “what do you want to do when you grow up?”

In the video below, I tell you the story of Todd Marinovich.  He was bred and programmed to become professional football player since the moment he was born.

It is an extreme story of radical programming… and there were consequences. 


Starting on February 7 to February 9 at 6am PST/9:00am EST…

I will be going live on Facebook to do a 3-part series on how to become more present and connected in your life.

We will talk about the “sneaky’ ways we can disconnect.  I will show you valuable practices to be present in your life so that you THRIVE.