Beth Osmer

Beware of the serotonin apocalypse

Have you noticed the “seductive” energy in the collective energy that is driving people to numb out?

Numb out, with more TV, more social media, more substances, more drama… basically more avoidance.

We are bombarded by SO many ways to numb out… and if we are not careful… we can fall victim to the seductive energy of numbing.

Numbing is a serotonin killer.

It will LITERALLY ZAP you of your brain’s happy juice.

In this video I take you on a short but POWERFUL healing toward the end of the video, that will wake up any part of you that has been engaging in ANY type of numbing out process, activity, or pattern.

YOU are a warrior of light.

YOUR soul chose to be here at this time.

May this healing practice support you.