Can i be honest with you

I am moving to another state in 2 weeks! Holy Sage, my stuff has been stirred up! Like seriously…. Unearthed… I share more in the video below.  May my experience support you in your experiences. J

Orion 2

In the video below, I share the story of Orion, which is VERY similar to what we are going through on Earth right now. It is an incredible teaching on how we can raise our frequency during this time on Planet Earth.


How do you think you would respond if something did not go your way? There are NUMEROUS responses we can all engage in if there is a breakdown in our life. In the video below, I talk about the “response” that would support you in raising your vibration and moving you into the next level …

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Force Light

This is a term I heard recently heard.  It describes energies, beings, institutions, products, and people that are not holding “clear source light.”    There are “false prophets out there, false teachers, false products, false institutions.   This will help you in navigating your energy and being empowered in the decisions that you make. I talk more …

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The Elephant In The Room/World

Let’s talk about the energy out there. In the video below I share the “antidote” to the world’s breakdown and many breakthroughs through my own meditations and guidance from spirit. I love you, Beth

I Judged A Stranger.

I judged a woman at the airport, big time the other day! Ugh! I had an emotional hangover from it. Have you ever experienced that before? Have you ever judged a complete stranger for seemingly no reason? Have you ever judged someone unconsciously and then realized you were judging them at a later time? In …

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