Beth Osmer

The Making of a Spiritual Warrior

There is not one person in this world that has not gone through some sort of upset, trauma, or loss. As the Buddhists say, the human realm has an abundance of suffering. Some people suffer more than others, but there is suffering on this earth. That is a fact of life. One of the things that we have been placed on this planet to learn is how to overcome the suffering that we endure. Our main goal is to learn how to unwind from our own suffering. The Buddhists refer to this as “Saṃsāra.”

The Cycle of Saṃsāra

Saṃsāra is the beginning-less cycle of repeated birth, mundane existence, and finally dying again. This cycle is thought to be perpetuated by desire, ignorance, and the resulting karma from how we previously lived. We are all placed on this earth to overcome the cycle of Saṃsāra or reach a new level so that we are not suffering as much. Thinking about this cycle has pushed me to think about the Spiritual Warriors. I think of this based on the fact that everything that I have been through and everything that you have been through brings us to who we are now. As adults, we have different things that we go through and navigate. We work on our moods to keep them elevated and meditate to calm and center ourselves, but through the day, we still go through a lot. I started thinking about the concept of spiritual warriors. Even though I had a tough childhood, I always knew that I was not going through it just to suffer. When thinking about why I lost both of my parents before I was five years old, I remember thinking that God wanted me to learn something. As humans, we have a choice. We can learn from our suffering, trauma, and hardships, or we can collapse and allow ourselves to be a victim.

At the end of the day, if you can take what you have learned here in the Earth school, and use it as fuel, power, and wisdom to become a spiritual warrior in your life then there is not anything that you cannot do. This thought has helped me understand and helped me bring power to all of the places where I have personally suffered. I went through a long phase of being a victim until I realized that I do not have to be a victim but can become a spiritual warrior in my own life. Whatever it is that you are going through, remember to ask yourself and reflect on what you are learning. What is your spiritual guide teaching you? What is the lesson from this suffering? Asking those questions and moving ourselves into power to continue elevating instead of collapsing will move us into 5D.

Leaping into 5D from 3D

When the question of “How can we leap into 5D from 3D” arises, I believe that it is about vibration and how we carry ourselves. If we are keeping ourselves in low vibrational thoughts such as clinging to negativity, not treating ourselves well, treating others poorly, experiencing a disconnection from God or the divine, and other negative feelings. It is going to lower our vibration, and we are going to be stuck in the 3D reality with the suffering and the Saṃsāra cycle.

In our 3D reality, there is a higher degree of suffering and programming that we experience. Elevating our vibrations helps push us into the place that you want to be playing. Higher vibrations and a positive outlook help level us up closer to entering 5D. We are meant to operate and exist in 5D. We tend to navigate through social media, cellphones, programming, and much more every single day that it truly is amazing. Training ourselves and learning how to keep ourselves in positive spirits and how to raise our vibrations continually is what I genuinely believe to be the key to leaping into 5D.

Children and Energetic Interference

Children can pick up a lot of energetic interference. Children also navigate a lot when they are going through their day. All of the technology that is available to them makes it difficult for children to navigate uninterrupted. Children are as receptive to entities and energetic interferences as adults and sometimes pick-up energies from others, and it happens more often than you think. When we clear up some of our own energetic interferences, they are interferences that we are clearing from our childhood.

Myself, I have cleared two energetic interferences from my own daughter. She was completely aware that she had something outside of herself in her own mind. She had a voice that had been called PopGun in her head. PopGun would tell my own daughter to do bad things that she knew were going to get her into trouble. Once Popgun began interfering with my daughter’s energy, I took action to help her clear the interference. She did not want to let PopGun go because PopGun was keeping her engaged and intertwined. These interferences can make children feel secure and engaged in the atmosphere around them. Children are attracted to interferences and tend to hold on to them as long as they can. When we clear these interferences, it must be handled with open communication with your child so that they know what is happening to them and what to expect. We all go through something that we tend to carry with us for an extended period. PopGun was something that my child was dealing with that she carried out as long as she could. Children and adults go through these behaviors pretty similarly. We need to find a way at some point to end these behaviors and clear the energetic interference. We have to choose to become a warrior rather than a victim. 

The Making of a Warrior

After my siblings and I lost our parents when I was much younger. My brothers and I had jumped around from one abusive household to the next. Nobody knew what to do with us. I was always curious about why my little brother did better than I when it came to kindness. My little brother was treated a lot better than I was and received a lot more attention than I did. After I had thought about it, I had realized that I am such a fighter. I would fight back when treated wrong. I held resentment and anger toward those that were treating us poorly. My brother was more relaxed and would go with the flow and try to make the best of our situation when I would always fight back. I personally have a big problem with injustice and things not being fair for everybody involved. As I continued into adulthood, this belief stuck with me and became one of those people in the world that would step in when I felt that If I was seeing something wrong. I would put myself in harm’s way to stop something that I see as an injustice.

I felt that I was always in the battle of trying to prove others wrong and make the situation right. I have become a spiritual warrior. There are many ways to get your point across and express your views but leading with anger and righteousness does not work. While it does not mean that I have stopped the ongoing “battle,” it means that I have learned to pull back and become an interruption to something that is harmful to others without bringing in anger or righteousness. I have begun to think that the answer that I have been searching for is love. When I come in to contact with an energetic interference that I am attempting to clarify for myself or someone else, I have learned that being brash or bringing anger into the situation will cause the situation to crumble. When I have used love as my first step, I can see the interference begins to soften and believe that they can trust me.

Learn to Interfere with Love rather than Anger

When I have caused harm to myself or someone else, it is done out of wounding. It is done because I am hurting, and I do not know what else to do, so I take the pain from the wounding and unleash it upon myself or somebody. All of you that feel this way are spiritual warriors, intuitive’s, and are empaths. If you are like this, love is always the way to go. I felt myself in a situation recently, where I had felt wronged. It was important to me to change that feeling. I knew that it had to be made right for me to feel better. It did not work. When I pulled back and understood that I get to handle this situation from a place of love and a full heart. For me, it brought forth some healing and looking at it through a different perspective helped me heal and feel better.

Pulling back and looking through a different perspective takes practice, and it takes time to learn how to do it effectively. You must learn more about yourself to achieve this mastery. I do not believe that the spiritual warrior in me is gone, but I do think that it has learned to approach situations with love instead of anger or righteousness. I choose to wield my sword just as Arch Angel Michael. The question arises on how he uses his sword, is it out of love or fierce compassion? Is it being used when it knows that it is going to serve that person? I do the same and wield my sword. I had once used that sword in anger and reaction but have since learned to use it with love, compassion, and fierceness.

If you are one of those people that sees an injustice in the world and feels like that need to do something to fix it, it is important to watch yourself and think about how to go about making it right. Learn how to pause yourself and reflect on the situation so that you can pick your battles. It is crucial to distance yourself from the want to win and be right to coming from a place of love. Allowing yourself to come from a place of love will better serve yourself in your relationships and will also better serve others in the relationship. You can choose to be right, or you can choose to serve your higher purpose.

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