Beth Osmer

Quiet the Mind and Your Spiritual Warrior Will Speak

Life tends to move so quickly, and our minds get caught up in the negative, rather than looking at the positive. Your trauma and past have wired your brain to believe that you are not in control of your destiny.  I’m here to tell you that your Spiritual Warrior needs you to open your heart and quiet your mind to find inner peace. On this journey to connect deeper with the Spirit, some practices can ease your mind. Awaken your Spiritual Warrior!

70,000 thoughts 

Did you know your brain is producing close to 70,000 thoughts per day? I know, that sounds crazy! All that shuffling, processing and filing can make you feel anxious, especially a mind that has been through trauma and hurt. You might be handling these thoughts in a negative way. Your brain has had years of training going through all these thoughts and that means you will need to make the conscious decision to be positive instead of negative. That doesn’t mean negative thoughts and events won’t happen, BUT you can look at them with a different lens. You can ask yourself, what is it that I am supposed to learn from this? What is the more important lesson facing me? With this many thoughts in our brain, we cannot allow the bad habits that have consumed us have power any longer.

Bring your thoughts down and center yourself on the earth. You do not have to feel paralyzed from your negative thoughts when you have the power within you to reach any goal you desire. Take your overactive mind and development a meditative mind. Instead of facing 70,000 thoughts, you have no control over, prove to them that you are a warrior of your mind, and have the power to live in the present. You can take yesterday’s tragedies and tomorrow’s troubles and turn them into an opportunity to focus on your strength. When you become a master of quieting your racing thoughts, you allow yourself to breathe, think, and create more freely. Your inner warrior has space to enlighten. With practice and effort, you can master the two worlds of thoughts and conclusions by being mindful of your inner strength with the deeper Spirit. 

Force Myself to Focus

Our minds are continually being tested. When is the last time you allowed yourself to take the initiative and take care of your soul? All these thoughts can be exhausting and mentally burn you out. That’s why it’s essential to find moments to be purposeful and provide self-care. I have seen, firsthand, the results of centering yourself in the world and being guided to a positive consciousness. There are two types of mediation that can help. There is concentrative meditation where you focus all your attention on one specific object. The object can be your breath, your Spirit Warrior’s mantra—whatever it may be, during this moment of meditation, you intensely focus on it. There is no room for those racing thoughts when you allow yourself to focus on something that your body and soul are cravings to explore. Connecting to the deeper Spirit, reaching that higher state of being, turns a busy mind into a cleansed conscious.

I have also explored the realm of mindfulness meditation. I know—seems contradictive—however, being mindful trains our brain to work with intention and in the moment. Mindfulness can target different issues, such as trauma and stress or sadness, and give you a safe space to focus on the situation with intention. In a meditative state, these thoughts that may consume our Spirit Warrior, but you have so much power when you practice taking control of these moments. Enrich your Spirit. Look at the thoughts causing you pain and face them with calmness and confidence. You will increase your self-awareness and open your Spirit to emotional control. You will see your wellbeing and mind management prevail. When we manage our symptoms and trauma, we can change our soul to believe that a negative experience will not consume us, but rather teach us. 

How Can I Practice Gratitude?

Once you have control over your mind, you must practice gratitude. Your soul wants to experience the joy that lives within you. Often, these can be overlooked with negative mindsets. However, you are a Spiritual Warrior and know the true essence of your heart. Is it love? Is it your home? Is it hugging a loved one? Whatever you recognize being a craving of your heart, that is the highest level of positive consciousness. After all, you are the universe, and you have the power to exist within that universe itself. When something negative occurs, you know you have the ability to take that experience and remain thankful you are here living and breathing and sharing your soul with others. Your Spiritual Warrior will open and shine through any situation because you have trained yourself to quiet any other voice that may be impeding on your soul. 

Nothing conjures a positive mindset like observing all the good things that surround you within your life. Showing appreciation is not just a simple, “Thank you.” Our body feels gratitude. It’s a long-lasting feeling that you can hold near your soul and feel. Gratitude helps your inner warrior connect to the people, nature, and the higher powers within your life. You have two stages of appreciation. The first is acknowledging the goodness within your life. Your Spiritual Warrior will affirm that even though life can be tough, for the most part, life is really good. It’s worth living. It’s worth your presence and the effort you choose to put into your soul. The second stage of gratitude recognizes the source of appreciation. One of the highest levels of the soul is being grateful to other people, to the animals, to the earth, and all the sacrifices that have been made for your happiness. The soul is liberated and healed with the experiences that have taught you lessons, and you recognize them and in turn, are grateful. 

Continue the Conversation

I have covered a lot of profound ideas today, but I know that you are a mighty Warrior and will prevail over your thoughts. I believe you are doing the work. I think that you will become the best version of yourself. Keep the conversation going by joining the Facebook group Igniting Your Intuition and sharing your experiences in becoming a Spiritual Warrior. 

  • When do you feel your thoughts spiraling out of control? How do you step back and acknowledge that you need to take back the power of your mind? 
  • What are your favorite meditative practices? How do you approach meditation? Do focus on your breath, or do you look your racing thought in the face and address them for a clear conscious?
  • What are you grateful for? What is the feeling you get when your soul feels gratitude? How can you become more grateful?  

Share your answers with the group today! Can’t wait to see you in there.