Beth Osmer

Become Free from Your Expectations

There are times in our lives where we expect something to play out in our favor or expect certain things to happen. These expectations can sometimes dictate our moods and our reactions to the way that some things turn out. When we have high expectations, we want something to happen so badly or want something to be a certain way, and most of the time, the way that some things turn out is not what we had thought at all. 

These expectations can be so high that they lead us to be disappointed in the actual outcome. When this happens, we can be so frustrated that no matter the outcome, we cannot enjoy it or be excited because we had expected something different the entire time. Our energy is affected, and we no longer have the capability of radiating positive energy because of the disappointment that we feel. 

You Can Suffer from Your Expectations?

High expectations can lead to disappointment. When we hold our ideas of what an outcome or result should be in high regard, we tend to refuse any other outcome. When we are faced with an issue that we did not expect, we tend to get upset, angry, and ultimately disappointed. That frustration throws off our entire mood and our spirit. We continually suffer from these feelings and have a hard time pulling ourselves out of them. Suffering ruins any positive experience that we could have taken away from the entire situation.

Consistently high expectations lead to constant letdowns and constant disappointment. If we are continually suffering from distress or being let down, our spirit becomes worn down incredibly quick. Most of us survive on the crumbs of our expectations. We are living a life, but not the life that we had expected and the disappointment of that realization. We should be happy and proud of what we have accomplished but don’t seem to be able to accept our current life because it is not the one that we had dreamed of. These expectations that we have led us to suffer when our lives, our jobs, our lifestyles are not what we had dreamed of or planned, and this brings us to bear that our plans had not come to life.

Releasing Your Expectations Can Be Spiritually Freeing!

Releasing all thoughts of what you expect or expectations of how something should play out can be a radical change in your life. The idea of living without expectations can be freeing not only for your mental health but also for your spirit. Releasing your expectations leads to less stress. When you let go of your preconceived ideas, you let go of the frustration and the disappointment you may have if your plans do not come to life. When you are not worried about how something will turn out, you can enjoy the reality that plays out naturally.

You may also see an improvement in your inner peace. When you waive all of your expectations, you will not be asking yourself ‘What-if’ all of the time. When you are not burdened with thought after thought about how something is going to go, or how it may not turn out, you can save your energy for things that matter. You have the time and energy to focus on things that you can change to improve your life.

Feeling Better and Changing for The Best!

Letting go of hypothetical outcomes and remaining in the present rather than the future is a positive way to realign your spirit with what you think is truly important. Focusing on yourself rather than others or future situations allows you the time and energy to change your own life while enjoying the experience that you have now. Try something new. You cannot have outcomes if you do not know what is to come. Work on yourself with the energy that you have and do not waste on things that only have a chance of being. You will thank yourself in the outcome that does happen, and have a great time doing it!

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