Beth Osmer

Intuition & Relationships: Do You Listen?

How many times have you been on a date or with a friend, and you intuitively knew that something was off? You’re getting red flags, maybe your shadow part is triggering their shadow part, or something is just not quite right. You feel it within yourself, and your intuition is trying to warn you, but you go ahead and continue with the relationship anyway.

We have all do this. I ignore my intuition time and time again. I push it down and ignore the voice telling me that this person may not be in my highest good. I mainly did it a lot while I was dating, then inevitably, it would end up with some sort of breakdown, and I would be left in pain.

Why do we ignore our intuition?

Usually, when you push your intuition to the side, there is something inside yourself that you are ignoring. It is often a wound that you have not addressed or healed yet, and that wound overrides your intuition. Sometimes you just need to play it out and see where it takes you.

Growing up, one of the people who raised me was bipolar, and he would love me one minute and hate me the next. It would all depend on the whims of his mood. Depend on if he was manic or in a depressive state. I was so used to that love-hate relationship that when I went to college, I found something familiar.

I found myself in a very abusive relationship, and I knew it was abusive, but I stayed in the relationship anyway. He would love me one minute and hate me the next. We would break up and get back together and continued to quickly go on and off for two years. It was the most painful roller coaster ride ever.

The pain was familiar; the pattern was familiar; it was all so familiar to me.

The thing is when we first started dating, I knew it was off, but I couldn’t stop myself. No matter what my intuition said to me, that wound completely overrode my intuition, and for some reason, I needed to play it out. Did I learn a lot? Eventually, yes, but I was so young when this relationship started, and it was later in life that I truly realized what I had learned. One day I just woke up, and it was clear as day, and I asked myself why I was doing this.

I learned that as we get older, and as we really start to want to honor our intuition, we evolve, and become more conscious. That is when we also need to start listening to our intuition because our intuition never ever lies.

Is it okay to not listen to my intuition?

Yes! If you are in a moment where you are just not listening to your intuition, there is no judgment. I still do it all the time. Sometimes my ego will override, but mainly it is the part of me that has not fully healed, the little girl who still wants attention. She is an ongoing project for me, and she is really good at pushing my intuition down.

When I let my little girl push down my intuition, then I end up in situations that I don’t really want to be in. Situations that only lead to hurt, then in pain, I get to sit with my little girl and say, “We knew this wasn’t good, now what can I do to heal you.”

So, the next time you find yourself in that situation, I invite you to really stop and listen. I want you to ask yourself the following;

“What part of me is driving and overriding my intuition? What part of myself is allowing my truth to push aside? Now, what does that part need to heal, listen, and live in my truth?”

Really ask yourself and then listen to the answer you get from within yourself.

If you are consistently experiencing this with one or two people, this is a really powerful question to ask yourself. Sometimes you just can’t see it and keep going back for more pain. It took me two years to really see it and ask why. It doesn’t have to take you two years to see it.

What part of yourself gets to be looked at, and what does that part need to start truly listening to yourself? Your intuition only wants what is best for you, let it guide you in and out of the relationships in your life. It will lead you to an amazing life.

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