Beth Osmer

Let’s Talk About Energetic Interference


Energetic interference is characterized by a person becoming affected and even overcome by energy which is not his or her own.

In shamanic terms, energetic interference refers to a possessing entity or energy that does not have a definable physical body.  In our work together, this refers to energetic interference as a spirit possession, but also to foreign energies such as introjects. An introject is a characteristic of someone else’s personality that the person can adopt or be overrun by. An example where this happens frequently is in a parent-child relationship.

This means that a child is more likely to repeat the behaviors of your parent if you grew up with it and that’s all you’ve ever known. This is usually the case for most people with an addiction. However, biology doesn’t need to define you. Energy attracts energy therefore when your body contains the addiction energy it is more likely to attract more of the same energy toward you. Your body becomes a magnet and the energy snowballs.

Addictions satisfy the key conditions of energetic interference. In this way, addictions disrupt the flow of a person’s life energy. An addiction could be anything from sugar or salt, to a drug or anything that makes you crave or think about the substance, thing or activity and can’t let it go. For each of these instances there’s an energetic interference that is interrupting your ability to make good choices for yourself.

Along with energies that lack a physical body, another form of energetic inference is emotional energy. These are energetic influences from parents, siblings, family, friends and teachers. The combination of physical energies and disincarnate energies both strongly influence your thoughts, beliefs, actions, fears and anything you think or feel. These energies do not just disappear unless you actively remove them.

The shamanistic remedy for energetic interference is that the part of the soul or power that was lost must be returned. However, a person should often restore their power or soul before having the energy required to tackle the depletion that the energetic interference is attacking.

The work I do with clients creates an environment where the grieving patient is aided in repossessing the lost part of self. There are several techniques in which to retrieve the lost part of my client and is usually done in an altered state. My work guides my them into this altered state where they can see more about their self than in a normal waking state.

By following the path of the trauma through the effect it has on the body, the patient is guided into the situation where the trauma took place which is then followed by the retrieval of the lost part of self.

In traditional shamanic practice, the shaman and the helping spirits engage with the source of energetic interference and move it out of the patient’s energetic sphere. Our work together will take this to engage you in understanding the source, the effect and the ways the you are partaking and sustaining this energetic interference.

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