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Side Effect

Side Effect

Any accompanying or consequential and usually detrimental effect:

Shamanism sees addiction not as an infection or disease, but rather as a side effect of a harmed soul. Addiction manifests itself as behaviors offering temporary relief but long-term negative consequences that one is unable to give up. These behaviors are an imbalanced and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to fill the emptiness caused by the harmed soul.

The shaman can be an awesome asset to engage people to cure this vacancy by rejoining them with their lost soul pieces. Projects asserting to cure dependence regularly fall flat since they start with the wrong mentality, considering dependence be either an issue to be cured or a sickness to endure. An exact comprehension of habit is significant for a powerful program to address a compulsion and it is here that Shamanism begins.

The soul can be injured or has been mishandled both physically and emotionally. The injury can be activated and or reactivated through relationships, loss, transitions, stress, and fear. At the point when the soul is injured it can frequently leave the body or get “stuck” in the first injury or trauma.

This leaves the individual feeling a gap. Which left untreated as an adult one’s life can feel unstable and tumultuous. This insecurity as an adult can hinder their ability to fit in and connect. This can cause a ripple effect, where a person can seek out an unhealthy addiction to fill a void, a need, or a want. This is not to say that humans without a stable community become addicts. The lack of trust and stability for a person may cause them to seek out things other than addiction, such as therapy, support groups, or healthy relationships to enrich their daily life. Healing can take time. It also takes effort and a great support network to help someone in recovery. The opposite of addiction must be connection, where a social network can help you up and help you heal.

To achieve this, a shaman can play out a mending service known as Power and Soul Retrieval. At times, the soul can reintegrate effectively and this is the place the shaman’s work closes. With most people, be that as it may, they will in any case need to address the first injury. A profound physical cut does not mend overnight-and it’s the same with a profound slice to one’s soul. The shaman can help the person through this recuperating procedure, so by the end the person’s soul will be completely mended. People will feel the solace and peace that joins a mended soul, and will never again feel the opening. The grip dependence had on them will thusly be broken, bringing about a changeless overcoming of the habit.

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