Beth Osmer

The Power of Listening to Your Intuition


We’ve all heard the saying “trust your gut,” but what does that really mean? Is it an actual feeling you get in your stomach? Trusting your gut means listening to your intuition, the feeling of knowing what needs to be done. Maybe you are walking home, and you suddenly get the feeling that you should not be standing on that road, or you shouldn’t turn down that alley. This is your intuition warning you that you are in danger. Your Intuition can present itself in many different situations, the important part is that you listen to it.

You may be asking yourself why? How could I possibly “just know” that I am in danger? Since the day you were born your subconscious has been collecting all the information around you and tucking it away in a place that is not readily available to your conscious mind. Your intuition is the collection of the insights your mind has collected from your life experiences.

How can listening to my intuition benefit me?

Listening to your intuition will improve your mental wellbeing and increase your self-awareness. Your intuition is your true self in its purest form. In this day in age, staying true to yourself is becoming more difficult. It is too easy to lose yourself in what your “supposed” to say and think by society’s standards. As you learn to trust your intuition you are really learning to trust your true thoughts and follow your deeper desires in life.

Becoming more at one with your true self will lead you towards making better decisions. Instead of making decisions in the moments, your intuition has the ability to see your deepest desires and gauge what outcome will bring you closer to those desires. In the moment, you may want to go out with your friends, but your intuition is telling you to stay home and get your rest, so you can be your best self for what the next day holds. You might have an important meeting, an art show, or a test you have studied for all week.

You will find that you smile more once you start acting on your intuition. You will become more comfortable with your true self, make better decisions, get ahead in life, and the people around you will notice! You will start standing out everywhere you go because of your increased confidence and your smile that will light up the room.

Listening to your intuition allows you to find your true self and live a happier, more fulfilled life. You are an amazing person, and the world deserves to know you in your purest form. We’ve all heard people say, “I trusted my gut” and we never hear people say, “I wish I didn’t listen to my gut instinct.”

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