Beth Osmer

Shamanic Power Retrieval

What is Power Loss?

Power Loss occurs when you lose your personal power. Personal Power is the internal confidence that allows you influence and control the different aspects of your life. You can tell that you have lost your personal power when you start to feel a lack of energy, feeling mentally and physically unbalanced, and feeling powerless in your daily life. The feeling of being powerless can also lead to depression, anxiety, and stress which can have a huge impact on your life and lead to you feeling even more powerless. At this point, you may be feeling like you have sunk in a hole with no way out, which leads me to Shamanic Power Retrieval.  

What is Shamanic Power Retrieval?

Shamanic Power Retrieval is a healing technique used to retrieve your personal power, sometimes this is also referred to as Power Restoration. This is the key to finding your inner confidence and creating a healthy self-image. During the Shamanic healing process, a power retrieval spirit or animal guide will lead the healer to the time and place where you first lost your power. This allows you to find the root of your power loss and start healing at the core of the issue. Although facing your core issue is never an easy process, with the right healer by your side you can start to find inner peace and acceptance of the original pain. As you go through your healing journey, you will be able to heal and start reclaiming your power. 

Once you have begun this process it is important to continue through your journey and not stop or deviate from your path. The reason behind this is because if you start to confront the underlying issues of your pain and then try to stop the process once it has been put into motion you will find that it is not as easy to ignore those issues and they can start interfering more in your every day life. Making sure you have the right healing can make a huge difference when you are unsure if you want or are able to continue down your path. Your healer will need to support and motivate you to keep going to find your inner peace and restore your power.

What are the benefits of Power Retrieval?

There are many benefits of Power Retrieval. These are just a few of the thing that can help you move from a place of loss to strength. These include;

  • The ability to create desired life changes.
  • Increase in personal power.
  • Increased feeling of wholeness and well-being.
  • Greater ability to overcome addictions and maintain life changes.
  • Stronger connection to spirit guides.
  • Emotional healing in areas such as depression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Strengthened immune system.

On top of finding your lost power, you will also find that the process has helped you heal the pain or trauma that you have been holding on to. The ability to accept and move past your pain will allow you to take great strides in your personal and professional life as you become a more confident person.

How do I retrieve my power?

Power Retrieval is not an easy process, and certainly not a process you should take by yourself. Someone who has experience in the Shamanic process should help you through this journey as you face your inner pain and refind your personal power. Feeling like you’re not sure where to start? I’m here to help! Sign up for a free 30-minute phone consultation with me, Beth Osmer, and find out if you need Power Retrieval and the best way to start your process.