Beth Osmer

Twin Flame Universe

Have you seen the docuseries “Escaping Twin Flames?”

It is about an on-line spiritual cult.

The timing for me to watch this was very timely.

I have been thinking about all of the ways people stray away from themselves, and the “chaos” we are in as a collective human race.  There are “vampiric narcissistic” people that are taking advantage of this vulnerable time we are at in human history.

There are people going through challenging times, yes that is true.

We also get to be aware that there is more light on this planet than I have ever seen in my lifetime here!

May the video support you!

If you have seen that docuseries, reach out. I am itching to talk to someone about it!

Yesterday I offered 12 intuitive soul readings that went very quickly.

I have opened up a few more on my calendar!

They are my yearly gift to you! If you are feeling the call to be supported in this way, click on the button below.

If you would like one, I would suggest not waiting as they will also go very quickly.

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