Beth Osmer

Your Past: Does it Influence Today?

Have you ever felt that maybe your past was sticking with you and influencing some of the decisions that you make today? Maybe you believe that your past is responsible for the pathways that you decided to take today? Many believe that the past shows itself in your present only to affect the direction that you take in the future. While your past may be in involved in your present-day life, it does not always have to be repeated or followed.

How does your past influence your future?

There are many things that have the potential to influence your future. There are certain events or thoughts that can have influence on your future such as a traumatic experience. These experiences can stay with us for our entire lives and have a huge impact on how we live our lives, as well as the decisions that we make moving forward from the experience. Failures, as well as successes, can also have an influence on our future moving past them. Once we have an encounter with success, it can change the way that we come into our future decisions, as well as motivate us to keep the momentum going. Failures have the same effect. It is important to take our past failures and learn from them to be able to use that wisdom later in life.  

How can you tell that your past is affecting your life?

You may start thinking of past events that occurred that held significance in your life. If thoughts of the past are heavy on your mind, then it is possible that the past is trying to surface. You may find that you tend to think about past decisions and consequences while weighing an important life decision. Sometimes this can help you make a good decision, but sometimes fear of reliving something from your past will hold you back from what you really want to do.

It is important to internally reflect and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Am I letting fear control my decision?
  2. Will this decision limit my internal growth?

If you answer yes to both questions, then the past may have influence in your life.

The truth is the past has brought you to where you are today. Past events and decisions have brought you to the place that you are today, and it will continue to take you to where you are going. It is important to let the past completely take over your future, but at the same time, you don’t want to completely forget about where you have been either.

The past is your opportunity to learn from your mistakes and truly understand how to move past failures and events that you may regret. There is always a positive takeaway even when you may feel that your experience is far from positive.

Is the Past meant to be forgotten?

The past is full of emotions, events, decisions, and life lessons that make us who we have become today. The past is meant to be a part of our lives forever. The past is meant to stay with us and teach us how to do better as well as teach us the lessons that we need to live a good life.  You may think that the lessons that you have learnt in the past are not beneficial to your life now, but they have shaped who you are as a person. The past plays a large role in who you are today, as well as the things that you do and how you do them.

It is important to embrace your past instead of trying to forget what you have experienced. The past is full of blissful experiences and memories that help you get through some of the harder moments in life. There will always be a past, just as there will always be a future. It is important to believe that brighter days are ahead and enjoy the time that you have today, rather than dwell on the time behind you. If you would like to learn new ways to accept your past, embrace it, and have positive experiences from now on, I would love to get you scheduled for a free consultation. Sign Up Today!