Beth Osmer

Your energetic currency

Imagine you start out with $100.00 a day worth of personal power.

Then as the day goes on… you start to lose some of your energetic currency.

For example,

  • you wake up and look at your phone… and go straight into doing.
  • Your kid is sassy to you!
  • Your partner is sassy to you!
  • You realized you forgot to pay a bill.  Whoops!
  • You start worrying about something that happened yesterday

I could fill up 100 pages, with examples, but you get the drift!

In the video below, I talk about ways to maintain your power throughout the day, and get it back, if you leak some of it out.


I have a free 2-day event, where I am going to teach you the “proper” and sustainable way to expand  your intuition.

I am going to teach you that some of what you have heard about intuition is… in fact wrong.