Beth Osmer

The Battle Between Light and Dark

t’s time to shine our light Spiritual Warriors. Now, more than ever, the cosmic light warriors are calling on you to stand in your light and push against the dark in this constant battle.

The battle between the darkness and the light has been happening for eternity but lately, the dark has been fighting hard for its survival. You can see turmoil everywhere you look, from the pandemic to some of the injustices happening in our own countries. What’s happening in the cosmos is tenfold. The dark is being exorcised but it’s not going down without a fight.

I saw this otherworldly battle happen last night when a massive storm hit San Francisco. This storm was special because not only are lightning storms extremely rare here but it also started to pour down rain afterward. In AUGUST!?!

My entire household was awakened by the claps of thunder and we all agreed that this event was unreal. Now, the state of California is riddled with fires.

We are going through a period of INTENSITY! Some of the suffering and hurting that we have here on Earth is so avoidable and it is our job as warriors to bring the light to the darkest situations.
It’s time to get out of our own way and show up for others. If there is something holding you back from stepping into your gifts, get the support you need and the help you DESERVE! Together, we can move into peace.
Remember to hold on to the light!!