Beth Osmer

I told a white lie, and it hurt

I used to be a liar.  I lied all of the time. 

I am very sensitive to lying, because I used to lie all of the time.

Guess what?

I told a white lie the other day.  Wow, did it hurt.  It really hurt my vibration and my sense of well-being for a few days.

What it did do for me, was it brought me closer to another layer of healing with my shadow.  I am currently working on clearing out the vibration of lying, completely out of my energy field.

It is time to clear out all patterns that are not working for you.

In the video below. I go more deeply into this.  This is the year of transformation. 

What are you clearing out so that you can step into your medicine, gifts, and power?

What are you transforming this year?

Let’s go Warrior!

You are being called to step into MORE Personal power.