Beth Osmer

It’s Not All Love and Light

We have all heard the phrase “love and light.” 

I get to be honest, it is starting to get under my skin. 

And I say it too!!! I say it all the time! Up until now, I had said it all the time.

In some spiritual communities, it is believed that if you stay in love and light all of the time, you will be groovy and the world will be a perfect place to live.

Not true.

Light is real.

Love is real.

And the shadow side of things is real too.

Both are needed, we all get to hold love and light and share it, but we also get to look at the shadow side of things to truly heal ourselves and the world.

I will talk more about this in the video below…you might get triggered by what I am saying, and if you do… use it as a learning tool. Triggers can be teachers when we get curious about them.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Feel free to comment.

Warning: there is banging in the video for a bit. You can hear me loud and clear. Work through the noise, it will pass, you don’t want to miss this message! (I have no idea what the sound is:))

In love and light, (LOL)