Beth Osmer

I’ve been an asshole.

Lately, my time has been spent seeing things from a galactic view instead of focusing on the injustices happening on the ground level. I was spiritually bypassing the hurt and anger felt by our community, while I worked through my own intense feelings. Well, no more.

Everyone has some sort of trauma, but the trauma in the African American communities has existed for too long and is being pushed to the surface right now. It is their time to feel pain, feel angry, and start working through their trauma to heal.

It is our time to listen, learn, love, and start making real change for our country. Now, more than ever, is the time to be loving. It is time to truly acknowledge the centuries of pain and start allowing this community to heal.

The spiritual warriors must step up to the front lines, take the fear and act on it. It is time to stop being righteous about our own pain and traumas and start being generous and humble. Start showing your love and support and stand up for the community that has been suffering for too long.

I am sending so much love out to everyone hurting and I am ready to listen.

Sending love and support,