Beth Osmer

Invitation for Psychic Surgery

Please listen to the video below.  I have a life-changing invitation for you…
Do you know about your energetic interference? There is power and healing in releasing the energy in your field that no longer serves you…
Psychic surgery is one of the most powerful methods Shamanic Practitioners have in their toolbox. Sometimes, there are energies that do not belong to us that are disrupting our energy fields. These energies can keep us locked into patterns and feelings that are uncomfortable or destructive.

Here is the amazing thing: They can be released! With this releasement comes the opportunity for you to step into full power, joy, and abundance of light.

We get to heal everything that does not serve us so we can heal the planet and raise the vibration of humanity. 
You GET to live in YOUR light. 
YOU get to feel your POWER.
YOU get to HEAL.
YOU are living your LEGACY now…live it with FREEDOM

Note: The first few seconds of the video I am playing the drum… the sound is a little off.  Feel into the energy and the beauty of the drum.

Sending many blessings…


PS: I am opening my schedule up to 10 sacred spots.  

Price is originally $285 for 90 minutes

We are offering it at $185.00 for the first 10 appointments booked.

$100.00 off!!!!!

This offer ends September 18th…so BOOK NOW!!

Here is the link to schedule:

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Don’t wait!!

Psychic Surgery is liberating!!!!