Beth Osmer

What is wrong with you

How would you handle/feel if you got on a call with someone
you just met and they told you immediately everything that was wrong with them?

What would your reaction be?

Would you have empathy?

Would you be annoyed?

Would you be in curiosity?

I lived my life as a victim for so long and shared all the
things that were WRONG with me way TOO often.

In the video below, I speak into the mindset of a victim and
how it holds us back.

You are powerful, a spiritual warrior, and you get to truly
look at all the “traps” of victimhood in your mind.

P.S. I will be sharing about “sexual anorexia” during a live interview on Friday.  I will be sharing my journey from sexual anorexia to sexual thriving.  Our sexuality affects SO much in our daily life.

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